Sunday, September 21, 2008

Yamaha FZ16 & my predictive analyses

And if one wasn't enough, Yamaha has another warrior in a different armor. Back in early January this year, just before the annual Motor Show in Delhi where two bikes - R15 and FZ16 - were displayed, I had analyzed the motorcycle market in India and suggested what TVS needed to do to really break the shackles and capture certain important segments. Of course, my basic assumption was that Yamaha would not wake up in time to grab the position it had left vacant for years together.

Irrespective, Yamaha ends up doing almost precisely as I had written on my other blog called (it's all about business and marketing strategy using the concepts of divergence and focus). And I am so glad about that. If I were to express the emotion, a motorcyclist is witnessing a second revival (the first was launch of Bajaj Pulsar) of performance motorcycling in the country.

That's FZ16 for you. The lord of the streets! Ravishing red!

Monday, September 1, 2008

R15 Red

In one of my earlier posts on 5th July '08, I had expressed a desire to see a red R15. And how soon does it come true :). Reason enough to plan for buying one soon.

The pic's from the Yamaha India website. Does look smashing, doesn't it?