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Buying isn't a big deal

Living with it, is.

Let's say I want to subscribe to a magazine. So what do I do? I pay a certain amount and bingo! I've bought the subscription. One feels that the transaction is over. Far from over! Guess it's just begun.

If I am one finicky person (guess everyone, who pays any money, is) then I would want the magazine to reach my place at regular intervals. So here's an important tast post 'buying'. 'Remembering' the subscription. If you don't remember, then also it's fine. Just that the middlemen or whoever is involved might just play with your magazines and you might not get what you've paid for.

Let's say, at one of the designated dates, you don't get the magazine. Since you 'remember' the subscription, you blood will boil. You want to contact the customer service. To do that you need the subscription details (the date of subscription, the subscription order number, etc.). To recall these details, you need to have the bill…

Dazzler, what a dampener!

The Dazzler looks decent in this picture I must say.

I visited the Honda showroom this Sunday. To begin with, I failed to notice this bike in the first instance. My eyes were still veering towards the Stunner.

I found the Dazzler totally disappointing, at least from the looks point of view. The tank extensions look rubbish and unnecessary. Over-all look, when seen in actual, is a dampener.

I didn't take the test ride. This is no great review. But the Dazzler doesn't elicit anything better out of me.