Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Noise Pollution on Diwali? Give me a break!

It's Diwali. And am in Mumbai. And am checking some greetings conveyed on Facebook.

As observed in the last few years, this year also I find quite a few people conveying 'stay away from crackers, stay away from noise pollution'. I find it surprising.

Surprising because we, who are living in cities, endure the loud droning noise almost every single hour of our waking life. I bet if anyone can call that music or euphony. I bet if this isn't noise pollution of the highest order. But we have hardly cared about making our day to day life free of such noxious sounds.

And here, on a beautiful festival like Diwali, an integral part of which is firing and bursting crackers, we make a hue and cry about noise pollution! Tokenism at play.

Yeah, I know the common refrain: when we bear it everyday why bear it on a holiday. Such is the pathos of life that a festival turns into a mere holiday and, at best, simply a respite from the mundanity and drone of everyday life.

Better to set things right for our day-to-day life or just curb the joy of noise on a festival like this? 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Creating rungs

As an entrepreneur, the only rungs you climb are the ones that you create. There's no ladder visible. Clouds and ceilings are visible. But no ladder.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I call it blindness coz calling it insensitivity or senselessness might be misconstrued. Apathy might work but blindness is well understood even for senses other than eyes.

Every time I pass a relatively green patch here in Ahmedabad, I can immediately feel the coolness on my skin and the freshness of the air I breathe in. Guess, everyone must be experiencing the same thing. If not better, the impact is at par when compared to that of ACs.

Is it so hard to feel that both, economics and ecology of this country, would improve with planting trees instead of feverishly intaling ACs wherever we find four walls?