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Gym is for the Schoolish Foolish

Having titled it like that, let me tell you this up front. I've been to gyms and on a few occasions subscribed and lapsed out of the gym routine.

Gym is the school-model of staying fit. Go there, do the things in a particular manner, with the purpose of losing weight or gaining muscle (like getting maximum marks in school).

Some of the best times in school were when we played, when we whiled away time with classmates planning pranks or just chitchatting. While attending classes is what is considered important for career, the most pleasurable time was in all likelihood outside of the class.

Gym puts you in a class meant to get you a fit body. You don't make a career only through a school. You make it regardless. You make it coz something spurred your curiosity or interest or the desire to learn and earn. You don't stay fit just through a gym. You stay fit coz you enjoy your body move. You enjoy the freshness that the breathing fills your mind and body with. Fitness regimen…

Should you build a bazaar?

I just saw this ad on the front page of today's TOI. is a platform to open your online shop. It's a venture of the now quite famous e-commerce portal

Opening an online shop sounds easy. Sounds glamorous too (doesn't it?). And why not? E-com ventures are a talk of the town. Lotsa ads appearing on television. And for a long time, ever since I did my stint at (now, I felt the same.

We've been trying to set up Mississippi online. And it has been one mighty task. This, I say, in spite of the innumerable e-commerce sites which have come up in the recent years.

My context is setting up a small e-commerce enterprise. If one tries to set up an independent e-commerce site, unless one knows coding for the web, one needs to collaborate with some amazing coders. 'Amazing' needs qualification. Coders who really try to understand your ambitions, your products and the audience for your products. Difficult to meet such g…

Why is it difficult to write good quality content?

Just compare the number of words written on a hand-written page with those typed on a web page. Count. In a given space, number of typed words would be ten or twenty or even more than hand-written words. We are still accustomed to hand writing.

First we shape the buildings and then the buildings shape us. The laptop/computer screen accommodates so many letters and words that it must be a challenge for most to accept the empty screen space. On the other hand, text typed in big letter sizes feels really odd to read. Content writers often get shaped by the technology of the screen.

Here's a thought. The screen space, especially the width, meant for typing can be clearly and narrowly demarcated. And content writers write in that space. That's it. No gibberish. No stretching.

Indeed, it impacts the web design. But in a manner that visitors feel like reading.

The First Sockwa Experience - Barefoot Running Shoes in India (Post # 5)

After some wait, I received my red Sockwa G2 pair day before yesterday. Was eager to experience them on the tarmac since that's what I had in mind when I ordered.

If you ponder about the name, you get the essence of these shoes. They snug like socks and work like shoes.

I ran 4 kms and skipped for about 10 minutes. I've done the same quite often in other makes like Vibram's Five Fingers, Vivo Barefoot. Here's a little comparison. Mind you, the context is Indian roads and conditions.

VVF have a thicker, harder sole. When I run in those I run watching my surroundings - the tree, the birds, the buildings, the people - more than the terrain. With VB, very much the same but I have to watch out more frequently to avoid stepping on the little stones. Wearing Sockwa, my concentration and eyes were fully on the tarmac. For how light and thin they are, they induce you into concentrating on the activity. I won't claim but I suppose they would aid the runner in focusing on th…