Thursday, March 28, 2013

The definition of 'doing'

is well understood in general.

However, I feel I should clarify myself and see if I understand it just as it is understood in general in the current context.

Posting an update on FB/Twitter is recording. Posting a thought on FB/Twitter is recording. Posting a picture on FB/Twitter is showing a picture. Posting something for the purpose of initiating a debate or conversation and which eventually leads to a debate or conversation, is just that: a debate or conversation. Posting an idea in a manner so that it spreads is just that: posting an idea so that it spreads. Posting a joke one has read so as to entertain others who read it is just that: entertainment.

To my mind, recording, posting, debating, conversing, entertaining isn't doing, unless one's rewarded just precisely to do those things. And besides, 'rewarded' demands a definition.

'Doing', most of the time, excludes all of the above.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

(E)Pic Pause

Cricketers are lucky. Apart from other things, they don't have to pose as if playing a shot and prompt someone to click them in that pose. In fact, they don't ever have to tell the photographers when to click. And the latter also never have to tell the cricketers when they'll click a shot.

Today's Holi and I was trying to click a few pictures of the action. I observed that a lot of action was so frequently punctuated (even punctured). Hardly anything happens before people start posing for pics. And more pics. And yet more.

Moving aimlessly looks foolish surely :) but photography without intense action is futile too.

Photographs are not stories, even though they might be equal to a 1000 words. But what we are looking for is an equality of 1000 great words woven rivettingly. Great stories are borne out of great efforts. Monumental efforts. Monumental efforts fetch their words automatically. A body that's gone through some intense action will automatically recount the story as vividly as the recounter desires, irrespective of the photographic prompts.

*The above is a randomly clicked picture on 27th March '13. The post doesn't specifically talk about those posing in this particular picture. :)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monday, March 11, 2013

Facebook's business model

First play God. Create veins and arteries attached to the heart.

Then play Devil. Inject them with bad cholesterol.

And then, become an avatar of God, a bypass surgeon, to charge them to remove the bad cholesterol or to bypass the bad cholesterol.

The way to create an info-based business-model like FB, is that?

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