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Suzuki GS150R, Terrible

I won't get into the specs really. They are pretty similar to what we already have in the market. I will not even touch upon the marketing related issues here. However, I guess the one aspect where Suzuki really had a chance to make an impact was styling. My verdict: they've failed. GS150R might sound like it's in the league of R15, FZ16 and such, but that's the only similarity. Suzuki has continued to be rather conservative (to the extent of being archaic) in their styling. Heat, Zeus & GS150R. God save Suzuki. With the downturn showing its colors, Suzuki has quite a task on its hand.

Even the red isn't gorgeous. Side on, the bike looks similar to Unicorn with a bit of Hunk thrown in the front and Apache thrown at the rear. Thank you!

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Yes, these've garnered greatest eyeballs on my blog. I'm sure all who've landed on my blog searching for these were lured by the headlines and disappointed by the content ;). An experiment of sorts, it's got good result. Let me call this the short-term dynamics and the dominance of 'baser' instincts. Rest you can infer.

Have a great Monday!

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