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Temptations also = Noise

Media is full of clutter. In other words, noise. You could easily feel tired after watching a 150-minute movie filled with 60 minutes of advertisements.

Noise comes in various forms. Source could be internal or external. I narrate two events from yesterday.
In the afternoon I attended a cousin's engagement ceremony. People and family members were meeting after a long time. An entertainment outfit was paid a handsome sum and assigned the function of entertaining the guests. Songs were played and jokes were cracked so loud that it was virtually impossible to talk. Would have given headache even to the man sitting in the last row.

We didn't need an entertainment outfit in actuality. Plain talking could've been far more refreshing.
Got back home at 3:30pm and slept for a while. In the evening, I went grocery shopping. I walked into Crossword also for a while. I checked some books there. Was tempted to buy Jack Trout'sSimplicityBrands and Branding (a compilation of articles published by ET), Umberto Eco's Kant and the Platypus: Essays on Language and Cognition, & Seth Godin's Tribes. I picked up all of them at once. And instantly I realized how many books have I bought but haven't read; they are all queued up.

To think of all the books I've yet to read makes me feel so dizzy now. Visits to bookstores are filled with an immense attempt to stay focused, to resist buying more books; at the end I walk out tired in a way.
It's easy to blame external factors for noise. But really tough to control our own temptations.

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