Saturday, January 2, 2010

How will you fill your time in 2010?

With these objects? Unlikely.

Look what Business Today wants it's readers to do. Buy these objects. They'll fill your cupboards and whatever space you have. But not your time; unless you love those cars and bikes so much that you are always out driving them, exploring and wandering. That's quite something, indeed.

However, most people would only drool over these cars/bikes. They can't buy. Should these objects become the goals to achieve, then? Not really. Yes, they can be bought once you also have some good amount of money. But where will that money come from? By doing something worthwhile. And what are you most likely to do? For you to figure out. Once you figure out 'which activity', strive for excellence in that activity, find out ways which will help you perform easily and excellently.