Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Art of Naming

Prateek just got out of the Safari to buy something when his mobile rang. I ignored the rings for a few seconds before I thought I should take the call. I missed the call but I couldn't miss noticing the name of the caller.

"Naresh purple shirt body builder bhl m p gym"

I browsed through his Blackberry and observed some more names:

"Vinod ji gattyani Honda shwrum ke upar ki property"

"Airtl net account paswrd Online bill payment"

"Akshay sharma financer ref khaan sab"

"Mr sharad green tea jaipur twinning dealer"

"Pankaj bhaia tendor ref manish bhaia"

You get the drift? These names give an idea of where/how the contact originated. When you name it like that, your memory will not fail you. If your memory doesn't fail you, most likely you'll be super efficient.

It's tough to appreciate this way of storing names but if you meet or like meeting a lot of people, this little bit will help a great deal. I bet.