Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Intentions & Conversations

One of the things that I've shied away from on many occasions is 'conversations'.

Not any longer though! I've been talking and talking and talking with numerous people and on numerous matters - most of them petty matters.

And even when I am free, there's someone who wants to have a conversation. I suspect, people here find me good-natured. Mind you, 'good-natured' has as many negative implications as positive in this place. Couple this with the position I'm in at the hospital. And combine this couple with the earnest desire of people to fill time somehow.

These people sound the sweetest people on earth. They make spicy interesting conversations. And in each of these conversations, there's a reference to salary and money and earnings and expenses.

Tomorrow comes. I cry hoarse to make them understand how work ought to happen.