Sunday, November 14, 2010

The truth

I am busy the whole day and the whole night.

The whole day I am shifting attention from one thing to another to yet another. When I say shifting I sound as if I make a choice. No, it's default. There's no choice. There's just no time to make a choice.

The truth is hospital has no decision-makers. Or rather the truth is that people do not seem to have the greatest judgment to inspire confidence in their decision-making and therefore they aren't allowed to be decision-makers. And therefore, it so happens that since they aren't allowed to take any decisions whatsoever, they do not become any better at decisions.

The thing is you take a decision and make them run around to follow your decision. The truth is following also involves taking some decisions. But then these guys haven't practiced any decision-making as yet. And therefore, they come running around seeking you to take more decisions.

The truth is taking decisions and sub-decisions and sub-sub-decisions keeps me busy the whole day.

The whole night I am busy sleeping and dreaming. Dreaming nightmares.