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Grappling with my non-Pavlovian status

My last post was a reflection of my state of mind. This extends the explanation.

It really feels strange to be out of a 9 to 5 routine. Sometimes I find myself staring into the void. Still not able to relinquish my 'Pavlovian' needs :).

Perhaps this word needs some explanation. 'Pavlovian' as I've used means a repetitive juxtaposition of certain two elements such that eventually one is accepted as the cause of existence of another for no 'logical' reason. For example, getting a certain salary/compensation in the first few days after every month. So, 'the end of the month' gets so connected with 'receiving salary/compensation' that it becomes cause enough to expect 'salary/compensation'.

Anyway, seemingly linked to the above phenomenon, I've observed people are hired more for their availability than for their actual work. Just making sure that people are available at any point in time gives a sense of security that work will happen. And this observation is a rather disturbing one. For it undermines the value of time. Or, in other words, it simply implies that it is okay to let people idle away their time when there's no 'work'. It isn't a wonder then that spending 30-31 days at your workplace, doing whatever, means you oughta get your 'salary'.

Now, one can raise a question what is 'actual work'. :) Have fun.

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