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Traffic Rose, Ahmedabad

We were returning from CIMS. And when we stopped at a traffic signal, found these traffic policemen along with some volunteers (I guess) distributing roses(!!!) to people who had the seat-belts fastened or who had their helmets on.

This man seen on the left of the windscreen was distributing the info-material.

The rose and the info-material we received. Wow!

For once there was no punishment. There was a different way of approaching the problem of safety on road. Instead of penalizing those who aren't doing it, publicly (and warmly) complimenting those who are actually doing it.

Am sure this is a far better (i mean, effective) way of addressing the problem. And it does many more things.

It shows the police is a far amiable (instead of dreaded) manner. It shows they are working. It reflects the importance of safety precautions. Most importantly, it completes the loop - for people disposed to positive changes - by acknowledging a seemingly trivial but good habit.

You ask them to change. They change. You acknowledge the change and those who change. Loop completed. Word spreads. Results spread.

Kudos to whoever thought of this. Mr. Narendra Modi, his team, the policemen, the volunteers, and whoever formed a part of the execution of the idea.

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