Saturday, February 12, 2011

Provogue Brand Symbol and the failed selling effort!

Just going through Ahmedabad Times this morning, I noticed this! What's so special? The symbol! Guess they've only recently introduced it, may be in the last few months.

About 2 years back, we got a chance to pitch to Provogue. The objective was 'to rejuvenate the brand'. Here's what I had presented.

No need to go through the presentation actually. But the point is we didn't win the pitch. We didn't in spite of the fact that one of our important suggestions was to introduce a recognizable symbol. Precisely that! Though of course, the options we presented were different from the one you see here. The incumbent agency back then is still working on the brand.

Two questions:
  • Do they really realize the importance of introducing a symbol yet?
  • Why weren't we able to sell the logic?
Can't comment on the first question. But the second one is important. It's critical to understand that the person who must've taken the decision to introduce the symbol would be different from the person with whom we were coordinating and who acted as a bridge/filter/link between the decision-maker and 'us'. Guess we never talked with the decision-maker.

Agency's problem is getting to talk with the decision-maker. Getting his attention. Getting his air-time. So another question:
  • How important is it for the decision-maker to handle the function of marketing directly?
Your answer is as good as mine.