Thursday, February 3, 2011

What kind of salesmen should automobile brands hire?

Off late whichever automobile showroom I've been to, the sales guys have failed to impress. I went to Chevy showroom in the morning.

I don't mean they look bad. No, their appearances have vastly improved. The problem is awareness of their own product. None of them (yes none of the ones I've encountered so far) have exhibited even as much knowledge of their product as I have. Not that I have a great deal in my head. But still...

That raises a simple question: what kind of salesmen should automobile brands hire?

I credit blogging and reading blogs for my awareness of the products in the automobile world. If blogs are responsible for depth of understanding and knowledge, let me say that bloggers would make for far far better salesmen at the moment of truth. So why not hire them for sales?

Not only will they sell better, they are gonna give a lot more back to the brand in terms of consumer understanding. Yes, bloggers have a penchant to articulate and express all that they gather and understand. And that in turn will work for product development.

So what does a brand do if not many bloggers hold any positive beliefs for its products? Hire them faster! No?