Monday, April 18, 2011

On jamming and the music of business

Language of music is obvious. For two people to jam, they only need to hear one another's music before they decide to jam and make some good music.

The language of words isn't so obvious. For words are only but symbolic representations. These symbols represent motivations, intentions, images, desires, feelings and what not.

Feeling is 'envy', symbolic presentation is 'I really appreciate that'. Feeling is 'sexy', symbolic representation could turn out to be 'cute'.

Apart from sports and music, all other acts require dependence on words for jamming. But if word-driven representations are so uncertain, wonder what shape jamming through words would take. Music is a far cry.

Unfortunately, there are very few ways other than 'using words' through which jamming for the purpose of business is possible, at least in the shorter run. In the longer run, there are other ways which can make jamming possible. Like? Simple observation of each other in day to day life over a period of time.

But given the nature of business in modern age and the time limits we've given to our own ambitions, 'words' seem to be the best recourse. But the best recourse is fraught with vagueness of a very high order.

Any other means of jamming? For clearly, I am failing to make sense of words and their representations. And there's no music without jamming.