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The myth of confidentiality of ideas

On a lot many occasions, when I am asked for ideas or suggestions/advice, I find myself holding myself back. On many other occasions, I am sharing ideas left, right and center to many people's surprise. Near and dear ones even alert me on occasions when I go overboard talking about my ideas.

And my experiences so far lead me to conclude that the idea that 'there is merit in keeping ideas confidential' is a misplaced fear. And like many conclusions we come to, there are some exceptions to this conclusion as well. People share a hell lot of ideas on certain idea-sharing sites. But there are many - I suppose, majority - who don't.

I categorize ideas into two types:
talking-dependent ideasdoing-dependent ideas Mind you, 'talking' also means 'doing'. Out here though, 'doing' excludes 'talking. :) You get the drift.

What do I call a talking-dependent idea? It's an idea which doesn't demand any significant change in the physical set-up (for … - a very useful service

It's simple. It's quick. Probably, it will turn out great. As soon I submitted my complaint, I received a call. And the man sounded enthusiastic and assured.

Most importantly, in a country full of disservice and distrust in the official channels of justice, it's the kind of utility/service needed for a long long time.

On death

Death shocks. It is such a finality. The dead person is no longer doing anything, so your consciousness cannot be distracted; it might dive into memories but it cannot be distracted. And, sooner or later, you wouldn't know but you would be propelled out of that window of memories.

I wonder if relationships can be pronounced dead when the protagonists - who were once a part of the relationship - are alive. Perhaps the fact that the other person is alive and doing something always has the potential to pique your curiosity, to distract you or to make you go through some obnoxious emotions.

It is strange but sometimes death (of the other person) could be a far better balm for an aching heart. No, of course, to wish the other person's death isn't the suggestion. But it's a comment on the nature of death. 

Sometimes, just the awareness - that your consciousness can feel distracted by those you were involved with earlier - could be liberating. Perhaps it could help you to c…

Nautanki | Gym

--- 8 -- 8 ---
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Visual-of-eye marketing

Unfathomable, isn't it? Silly too, no?

It isn't for no reason that the phrase is 'word-of-mouth'. And it's regarded as the best form of marketing.

Do people have the ability to spread the message visually? If they did, we would be a world of visualizers and painters. And perhaps would be spreading visuals looking into each other's eyes :D. Or perhaps would be sketching/painting the whole day to communicate with each other. And yet the obsession with the way a 'logo' looks!

Trying to understand the clients' obsession with 'logo'

Ever since getting into the sphere of consulting for brand communication, I've observed clients' fervent interest in the development of logos.

Most often we would pitch for offering branding/marketing strategy and we would find the client obsessing over the logo! And on many occasions we wouldn't convert the pitch into a sustained engagement because the 'logo' didn't 'look' good or the client couldn't 'see' a lot of creativity. It seemed strategy is mumbo-jumbo (yeah, market has the power to render every strategy a mumbo-jumbo but it helps to chart out one as a reference point nonetheless) and logo is everything.

Fundamental questions arise.

So what is a logo? From my observation, of the way it is understood by clients, a logo is the visual symbol developed to represent the brand.

Arising out of this, the important questions are:

Was 'logo' actually meant to mean just that - a visual or a symbol? The answer is an emphatic, "No!&…

The cost of adventure

depends on the type of adventure sought.

One is to earn money out of whatever and then spend money climbing the geographic hills and mountains.

Another is to do what you like and climb out the phases of pennilessness to make money, and then do more of what you like. It isn't as linear as the word 'climb' suggests. It isn't as linear as this blog-post is. :)

Staying fit

The line below the title of this blog says, "Siddharth Soni moved out of Mumbai in search of a fitter, flexible life. These snippets chronicle his journey."

However, I am not sure if I've shared a lot on staying fit. Honestly, in all these years I've tried all sorts of things to stay fit. While I've been regular in trying different things - running, cycling, weight-trainig, gymming - I haven't been regular in doing any one particular thing.

One thing that has bothered me all this while is the need of gadgets in every sphere of life, including working out / exercising / attempting to keep myself fit. So while in a typical attempt to fill my time with book-searching on Amazon using Kindle, I chanced upon this! YOU ARE YOUR OWN GYM by Mark Lauren.

While I used a gadget to find this book, you don't need any gadget whatsoever to do what's recommended in this book. In the last few days I've tried a lot of these exercises and I've had so much fun; pa…

How to improve vocabulary?

After every session on Verbal Ability, I am flanked by students asking me this very question and in these exact words.

On different occasions, I try explaining them in different ways. In simple words I should summarize my recommendation in this manner:

By diving. Deep. Really deep. Into a subject.

What does that have to do with vocabulary? Besides, how does one dive into a subject? And what does it mean, the word 'subject'?

Subject is any definable interest. Yes, there are things which aren't defined on occasions. Or at least, definitions exist but not in one's awareness. So, the starting point is defining as one thinks fit or right. Architecture is a well defined interest. 'Finding patterns' perhaps isn't but it could definitely be one.

Vocabulary (as in, words) doesn't exist in isolation. One doesn't speak in single words. Words are used as parts of sentences which in turn are nothing but contexts. And contexts are nothing but shaped by 'subj…

Lean Beast

One of the things that has kept my life interesting for the last 2 months. The longest ride has been 45 kms so far. With company I might go farther.

Ant in a bowl, am I?

When I read stuff like this, I feel like I am an ant in an opaque bowl covered with an opaque lid.

And when I think that others don't even bother to read stuff like this or rather don't bother to read anything, I feel they are ants who just aren't aware that they are in an opaque bowl covered with an opaque lid. Actually, there is also a species wherein the ants are ferocious but blind.

So, I've to decide now. Opaque bowl or blind ants? Opaque bowl gives me hope. Curing blindness would need a doctor. Where's God?

My first encounter with the leeches

I knew this would happen one day.

I went to the International Air Cargo section of the Ahmedabad Airport yesterday. Since this is the first ever import consignment for my new venture, the clearing agent asked me join in the process of jewelry evaluation alongside the customs' officials.

It would be an understatement if I were to say it was an ordeal. Sure it was an ordeal. It was also a muted call to support Anna Hazare's and Baba Ramdev's campaign against corruption. (While on this, I find it strange that no government seems to position itself on 'eliminating corruption' in spite of acknowledging Anna Hazare and Ramdev's demands. Probably, politicians do not feel they have the ability to rid this country of corruption. In which case, it is clear how close we are gonna get in the near future to finding any 'effective' solutions.)

Back to the ordeal.

I wait for 4 hours before I am summoned to check the consignment.

The customs guys open the bag. While …