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Staying fit

The line below the title of this blog says, "Siddharth Soni moved out of Mumbai in search of a fitter, flexible life. These snippets chronicle his journey."

However, I am not sure if I've shared a lot on staying fit. Honestly, in all these years I've tried all sorts of things to stay fit. While I've been regular in trying different things - running, cycling, weight-trainig, gymming - I haven't been regular in doing any one particular thing.

One thing that has bothered me all this while is the need of gadgets in every sphere of life, including working out / exercising / attempting to keep myself fit. So while in a typical attempt to fill my time with book-searching on Amazon using Kindle, I chanced upon this! YOU ARE YOUR OWN GYM by Mark Lauren.

While I used a gadget to find this book, you don't need any gadget whatsoever to do what's recommended in this book. In the last few days I've tried a lot of these exercises and I've had so much fun; partly coz I don't have to deal with gadgets.

And then add to this, Mr. Soumik Nandy shared a few links on bodyweight exercising to consolidate my interest. Seems now I am set to stay regular; at least I have a belief that I can stay regular.

Typically, we feel it's better to work out under supervision but my problem is that supervisors typically haven't mastered supervision. So our waiting for 'supervision' yields very little at best. The way things are illustrated in this training bible, I doubt one would need a lot of supervision anyway unless of course one is suffering/has suffered from some serious physical complications.

Try it. The book might change you for good.

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