Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Doctors as clients

Doctors will always be needed. Never will doctors not be a 'need'. Indispensable they are. This indispensability (and the 'life-saving' aspect of it) makes people view doctors as noble.

But the few doctors I've consulted and talked with makes me infer that it is this very 'indispensability' that fills them with hubris. Let me list down the elements of this hubris:
  • I deserve everything
  • I know everything
  • I can buy everything
  • I can manage everything
Unfortunately, these are some diseases suffered by a lot of people. Perhaps most, at one or the other time. The only thing is, lesser mortals realize it very often and sort it out within themselves. But with doctors, it could be tough; for they see themselves as ones who treat others and, therefore, ones who are beyond treatment (Godly wouldn't be wrong!).

Anyway, I wonder if the misconceptions stem from the fact that medical practice relies so much on memory and dexterity of hands; reading people's minds and mapping their ways of thinking and behaving is something else. In that, doctors aren't faring any better, if not worse.