Saturday, December 17, 2011


Was talking to a school-friend, who runs tuition classes in the same complex where Mississippi Earrings is located, last night. Two old mates finding common ground in 'training' will not refrain from talking about the strange things.

Few years back, schools started becoming the target of parent-groups. Why? Students were finding themselves under immense pressure in the competitive world of academic excellence, signified by 'marks'. And schools were somehow seen to be the culprit. So schools changed the ways they trained students.

That change meant schools almost became a stroll in the park. Leisurely. And 'marks' became a casualty.

How could have parents tolerated a drop in academic excellence! No way! Having accused and believed that schools were stressful, parents rushed to tuition classes in search of 'marks'. Tuitions classes run by school-teachers who knew no better than the old methods of the very same schools which had changed their methods and where they were employed for years. Applying the old methods more rigorously, these tuition classes rewarded the parents and students with academic excellence. Marks!

My friend says the kids have no time. While schools give limited homework, tuition classes load the kids. The latter are asked to write the same things/exercises over and over again. Of course they get marks in return. Parents are okay with the stress as long as the kids are minting marks.