Wednesday, March 7, 2012

How to follow all "How to..." Strategies

Am observing a little phenomenon within myself.

Forget reading, when in a bookshop and browsing am ignoring (in fact, not picking) most books titled "How to...". Mind you, I've read quite a few of them in the past.

Since am reading a lot of blogs, I don't read stuff titled "10 strategies to...." or "101 ways how to...".

I've also started ignoring advices that begin with "This is how you...". Not all the time, but very often. Enough of listening to teachers, gurus, experts, heads, bosses, parents about "How to...". Almost makes me immobile. My memory's got limits.

The point isn't that we shouldn't know "How to...". The point is how people always keep using words to tell you "How to...". I also sometimes do the same; I tell people "How to...". Like this post. I hate it when I start doing it too often. There are limits to memory. And most often, memory builds through behavior. Through the actual doing of it. You can't first try to memorize all the things and then do them in the "How to..." steps.

More often than not it goes like this. Do. Face trouble. Find out "why". Find out "how". Do. Check. Find more.

My point is, don't just tell "How to...". Also show "How to...". And engage me when you demonstrate "How to...".

When people are interested in only telling me "How to...", sometimes I just go ahead and do it.