Thursday, March 22, 2012

Live Ads

When I watched this TEDx video "Dance Your PhD" featuring John Bohannon & Black Label Movement, I was stunned.

Stunned by its impact and its simplicity. It absorbs the viewer. Not necessarily sure if the theories still becomes understandable right in the first go. But one just cannot deny its attention grabbing quality.

Would you pass by without watching such a performance for a few minutes?

Having worked on Brand Activation assignments for quite some time, it stuns me in that we never could think of something like this. Evidence to the effectiveness of such activation is for every one to see. Reality dance shows, song and dance in movies, advertisements, theatre, street theatre/play. Not in the sense of attaching a brand message to a theatrical or dance performance. But in the sense of actually acting or dancing out the message of the brand itself.

I call this kind of activation a 'Live Ad'. The memorability of such a Live Ad is undoubtable. I suppose, engagement is almost guaranteed. Of course, it needs a narrator/spokesperson of great ability.

The best part is it is a celebration of human form in motion. While it is choreographed, it isn't staged like an ad on television. It is felt in its immediacy and reality. It calls for great fitness on part of the performers, and therefore, most likely, the faces that lend themselves to the brand are going to be immaculate.

Any brand wanting to engage audience like this? We will make it possible. Write in to siddharthsoni at witvanwinkle dot com. Check as well.