Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weird dream

In response to my message, a friend wrote back, "Words are violence."

This is what I dreamed this morning. I had almost forgotten until this message landed.

I am surrounded by some swordsmen. Five or six. (Can't recall who they were. I could only see their eyes.) They are ready to attack. I don't have anything to defend myself. I am afraid I won't survive. Can't run. I give up. One of the swordsmen slashes at me. I try to block his hand but he is quick. The sword runs through me. I don't expect to see the next moment. But to my surprise, there's no blood. No blood. I heave a sigh of relief. But the very next moment, there's pain. No body part's bleeding but there's pain. And another swordsman runs his sword through my head. And I am watching. Again no bleeding. I am flummoxed. I am not dead. Body's not hurting but there's pain. I stand my ground, and take a few more slashes. I keep my eyes still, focusing on the swords. I see them clearly finally. The swordsmen are wielding words.