Monday, October 22, 2012

Daily Planner for Efficiency

One year and 10 months of being 'entrepreneurial' leads me to recommend this.

Of course, nothing happens if we don't lift our feet. However, to be able to lift our feet to accomplish the little things every single day, to be able to utilize time to our satisfaction every day, requires a little work.

So here's what has held me in good stead so far:

I have a LIST OF PEOPLE (not list of tasks) with whom I sense I'll have to deal frequently during any given time-period.

With that list of people, I have a sheet which gets divided into 4 columns: FOLLOW-UP, RESPOND, ACT, GOOGLE (SEARCH).

I realize game theoretical play is common among all sorts of people. If I initiate, people don't respond. But that could also have more reasons than simple game theory :). So, FOLLOW-UP is a must if you have to get anything done.

Game theory and other reasons - significantly, 'memorial lapses' - apply to me as well. And I've observed myself to be particularly lax in responding when people take initiative. I hate that. I'm trying to get better. Filling the RESPOND column in the morning is liberating.

Besides, RESPOND is also a reflection of RESPECT. Only respect motivates.

ACT is fairly obvious. So is GOOGLE. If you have questions about this format, let me know.

This should particularly help entrepreneurs who are starting with limited resources and feel constrained in a lot of ways.