Monday, November 19, 2012

The Skill of Anticipating

I've been trying to click birds in flight for the last few days. I am so wont to simply switching the camera on and start clicking that it has taken a little while to remind myself to prepare before clicking.

Well the thing is I couldn't quite grasp what it means 'to prepare' either. So after switching the camera on, I would adjust the controls and get ready. I couldn't click any great pictures.

Then I realized that like I have my moods, these birds also their moods. Like I give some indications of movements, they also indicate a few things provided I am willing to read.

So I tried reading the indications, and thereby, anticipating the direction of the birds' movements. For that I had to keep the camera aside for a while and just watch. And then I adjusted the position and settings of the camera accordingly. I left ample space in the frame to capture the birds' movements in a certain direction. I took a few decent pics, by my standards.

Next, I figured that it's important to place oneself in a certain manner vis-a-vis the bird and the source of light. And I figured that to place oneself one has to move. Move quite a bit on legs. Because you see birds have moods and they swing more than we can imagine. They don't pose. They simply move. Faster than the trigger. And to get a great shot you got to have legs to help you. Or the sense to place yourself precisely at the point where you know the bird will perch and offer a super pose. To sense the point, you would need your legs to develop that sense.