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Smart phony and dizzy

I feel dizzy when I read on smart phones for slightly more than 2 minutes.

I felt that with the earlier handset too. Feel more with this handset, I sense. The inference that smart phones have become smarter at causing dizziness wouldn't be right though :).

I think quite a few people feel this. A few of my friends definitely do.

If it turns out a mighty serious issue in the times to come, I won't be surprised.

The problem is one of orientation.

Phones of course were largely meant for talking. Since we hear and talk through one-block-piece instrument, the design had to straddle the distance between ear and mouth and so it is the way it is. Vertically oriented.

But we started consuming a hell lot of videos and reading matter and games, all of which require our eyes to look at the screen that's perfect for a squirrel's eyes not ours. Why? Eyes are horizontally oriented.

But then the screens can be oriented horizontally for data consumption. And yet horizontally oriented screens are also very small to fit the eye-span without straining.

There could be other reasons too which strain the eyes (in turn leading to headaches and such issues) that interact with data on screens.

My reading is there will be a significant decline in the usage of smartphones (for data) in their current forms.

Even as I make the above statement I am aware that the penetration of smart phones is still in single digits, at least in India. Unless there's a really really smart solution to this orientation problem, laptops and less smarter mobile phones don't have much to worry.

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