Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Employees' Boxing Club, Krishna Hospital Bhilwara

A loyal old ward-boy and a relatively new security guard come to me complaining against each other.

Ward-boy says the guard hurled an expletive at him. Guard says the ward-boy caught him by the neck.

The context? The guard didn't let the ward-boy enter with a couple of relatives of some patient. Typically, guards are instructed not to let people (except the patient's attendant relative) enter the ward.

The two men put forth their arguments. Strong arguments; so strong that no one could be proven to be at fault but neither could be exonerated as well.

Since I know that my refereeing would never solve such problems, I gave the power to the people. I gave them an empty room and an empty terrace to choose from. And I advised them, "We've got a hospital. We've got a gym. We've got heavy dumb-bells and barbells. And we've got boxing gloves too. You can settle score amongst yourselves with as much vigor, enthusiasm or anger as possible. You can get as bloody as you want to; we've got the entire hospital to treat you in case of injuries. Besides, it will also be a good watch for the entertainment-deprived people of the hospital!"

I've released a notice as well that we've got a good fully-equipped arena to settle scores in case people feel like fighting. People accepted it with a lot of cheer ;).