Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whatever happened to my search for 'fitter' and 'flexible' life

If there are places in the world where educated people require education, then Bhilwara is definitely one of them. Not to say that Mumbai doesn't have such people :), but talking in relative terms.

The thing is I'm going through far longer workdays than I imagined. Longer than those in Mumbai surely. Mumbai sapped energy in quite a few ways. Effective workday was limited to 4-5 hours.

Having said that, longer workdays have resulted in a lot of anxiety. There's so much to be done. So much to be set in processes. So much to be standardized. And I go so deep into it, that my mind spins. There's chaos (everyone's on a trip, doing some work but whether important or unimportant is not a question). There are bottlenecks (people wait for one person to give them his 'computer' time to make some document). There is distance, literally, amongst team members (yes, all of them sit in silos, far away from each other so that no one can think of coordination). And so on...

It has been a test of my 'calm'. My back aches coz of stress and anxiety. Fueling my restlessness. Just 15 odd days!

And yeah, while my worktimes are extremely flexible, I am nowhere close to my dreamt-of fitness regimen. Getting ready for a long early morning run :).

Way to go.