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When I hate myself

A few days back while taking my car out of the parking, I bumped into another car parked close-by, denting it a little on the front door. I really didn't spot the car earlier; wonder how I missed it but it happened. Was scheduled for a meeting so moved out quickly thinking when I would come back I would inform the owner and apologize.

Forgot the apology that evening. Forgot the next day too. Few days passed until today I came face to face with the car owner and recalled that little accident. Without a surprise, he was annoyed. I couldn't say much.

The thing that troubles me isn't the accident but my own lack of responsiveness. How many times things happen to us and, to our frustration, the other person just doesn't bother to respond in any manner. Thinking about the car-owner's frustration makes me livid inside.

Just called him and apologized. Hope my apologies offer some peace after all.

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Have a great Monday!

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