Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Searching for responsiveness

Was reading a post on Royal Enfield's future plans on bikeadvice.in. One statement struck me in particular; I've been talking about this to a few people around me and to quite a few others on occasions:
“The good thing about the brand is that people want a relationship with it and are tolerant to the extent that we are responsive,” Dr Padmanabhan said.
I've been failing with Doudods just there. Have been trying different models, different ways of approaching people but it just doesn't cut. Seems to me that wherever money is the primary driver, responsiveness is highly likely to be misunderstood. Every software developer wants to do a project which is defined to the T and carries a fixed sum of money as compensation. To the specs, nothing else. Sounds so much like home-work done in school. I wonder if that's how great soft-social-ware can be built. Social responses have to be felt socially and have to be responded to socially. Conversations do not conform to the T.