Saturday, June 11, 2011

Getting into 'brick and mortar' retail business

In writing this, I assume that budding/aspiring entrepreneurs have good retail business models but are unable to get off the ground for some reasons.

I find that the aspirations of the entrepreneurs themselves act as big stumbling blocks; other reasons have only peripheral importance at best.

What are the typical aspirations of the to-be-entrepreneurs? A nice house. A good car. A good place, a nice set-up to work in, a desire to visit places, etc.

The thing is that real estate prices are very high. All investments can be clubbed on one side and investment in a real estate property can be placed on the other side. In such a situation, either you invest in buying a house for living, or buying space 'for executing your retail business model'. The trade-off is precisely that I sense.

Yes, of course, venture capital is available to maintain your 'lifestyle'. However, a proof of concept is the best bet to attract even venture capital. So, for at least a while 'lifestyle' and 'typical aspirations' will have to take a backseat anyway. Besides, 'executing a business model' is the greatest style and the best aspiration anyway, given we are not sportsmen/artists by profession.