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Economics of bandh

I had to write this. Otherwise, I would've burst.

Anyone, who's studied the very basic economics, knows that the greater the number of sellers in the market, the better it is for the buyers. And if there's only one seller in the market, buyers will have a torrid time.

Let's say 'governance' is a product/service. How many sellers do you have? Based on our general knowledge and general interest in politics, we would say Congress or BJP, or UPA or NDA. It looks like there are two sellers. Think about it, are there two or more sellers?

Two points here:

1) You can say there are two or more sellers only if you have an option of switching.
2) Assuming that competition among sellers benefits buyers, the latter should be able to switch in real quick time.

Sure, there's an option of switching. When? Every 5 years. And after you swtich, when does the benefit accrue? Ha ha ha ha. Your guess is as great as mine.

Whether a dying patient can switch to a better hospital …

So what's the scope?

Parents and their kids, who are just about to choose a stream/pursue a professional qualification, ask this. Some young pros considering starting some form of business or entrepreneurial venture ask this. As if this question is going to make their careers or help earn a great deal of money.

And while I've answered that question, I have not been internally satisfied with my answers. I wonder those who asked for my opinion were satisfied either :).

MBAs would know better that 'scope' can be answered through Porter's 5-forces model. However, with supply trumping demand in most categories which pertain to life in general, Porter's 5-forces model might not be sufficient.

'Scope' is a category question. And it can't be answered categorically. Besides, it requires that once you put a name to the category, you do a lot of slicing and dicing. More on this in other posts.

For now, let me try and close this by saying that in today's economy, scope will be lar…

How many years of experience do you have?

That's the question typically asked in interviews for any job, barring the situations when you're just fresh out into the job market.

Two parts of experience: applied skills and knowledge (in the context of the domain one is seeking to get a job in). Of course, the two are entwined and one helps the other. Knowledge would rely more on the applied skills than the other way round. So the greater the application of skills, the greater the knowledge.

So here are some issues in measuring 'experience'.

When testing a person during the interview, a great deal depends on the quality of the question itself. And of course quality of question depends on the interviewer's application of skills in turn. If one hasn't spent a significant time applying skills, then one's quality of questions would reflect that. That will also determine the quality of the interview.

And since interviews depend more on exchange of words, it is a challenge for both the parties to capture t…

Suppose I were Humpty Dumpty

and you knew that I am so fond of motorcycling, you would say, "Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!"

Talk about my sense of humor. :)

Some blood stains on my shirt below.

Those are the positive scraps out of my jeans torn away so that my knee could be dressed.

That's my knee and the negative cut out in my jeans.

Don't ask me how the accident happened. In short, a little slum-kid of about 3-4 yrs just popped up in the middle of the road rather nonchalantly. I braked hard and fell. Nothing happened to the kid. Walked away like they typically do.

While I was falling, in that half a second, I just said to myself, "I am in for some serious stuff here."

Well I got up almost in a push-up manner. What a relief it was when I found that my legs and hands were fit enough to push me up after a nice motorcycle fall. No it isn't funny. I was scared about having broken a bone or two.

Anyway, I just feel it helps to keep (or try hard to keep) our body in shape. There'…

Vespa test-ride review

I just test-rode the recently launched Piaggio Vespa. And this is a short review.

First things first, the scooter is top notch in quality, fit and finish. If someone's wondering what the hell are they charging 77k (on-road price in Ahmedabad) for, this is one of the reasons. And it does feel like it will serve the rider for many years faithfully without hurting the eye and without losing the luster.

The pick-up is awesome. So sprightly. Yes, the 125cc capacity is well utilized. The meter responds to the rider's whims on the accelerator. It's just 114kgs in weight and yet feels real solid.

Lovely colors. Must make every morning a riding pleasure. Very cool extra accessories which do justice to the design. Just the one on the front mud-guard isn't so appropriate.

Here's a limiting point of this two wheeler. It's not tiny but it's what you call 'not-sufficient' for two well-built adults. I am talking of people like me. Height around 5'10" and with…

Patli gali se nikal le...

If you are curious like me, you would ask, "kaise nikalte hain patli gali se?!"

When I was in college, I used to time myself everyday. I used to keep a track of how much I would take to reach on my motorcycle. One day I was in a bit of a hurry.

After that 'hurry', what's the question in your head. "Then?"

If you ask me, "Why?" I am not sure I remember. And I am not even sure you'll enjoy the narration.

'Why' is the reason. Every event, every story has a 'why' and a 'how'. 'How' is the sequence. 'How' are the details.

'Why' is the short-cut. 'How' is the actual living.

"Why did you change 5 jobs in such a short career?" might not have as entertaining and as revealing an answer as "How did you manage to change 5 jobs in such a short career?"

Where you want people to work, "how" will help you choose better than "why". "Why" is the ideolo…

Glass Windows

There's something that let's you see yourself in it.

There's one that lets you see the beauty that lies beyond it. It's there in between you and the beyond but it doesn't come in your way.

It doesn't let the wind have its way and smash you around. Or doesn't let the chill of the snow freeze you so easily.

There's one which if you remove it from in front of your eyes, you see unbearable barrenness. And you don't see yourself anymore either.

Drum-set with consciousness

I have a drum-set. It's been lying with me for many years. Last I played it must be 4 years back, when I recall at best. Suppose it had consciousness, and to behave basis its consciousness, suppose it had legs and limbs. What would it do?

My drum-set doesn't have consciousness. But I do.

What should I do now? What should I have done earlier? And if I do nothing now, what should I do in the coming times?

Interviewer asks, "So why Mississippi Earrings?"

On occasions, when I've applied/pitched for some interesting job or assignment and people check my CV and ask me about what I am doing currently, and I tell them that I've set up a venture of my own called Mississippi Earrings, I've received some of the funniest responses.

Some are astonished: EARRINGS!!! MICA Grad, Communications pro, and earrings!
Some ask, how is it doing? If I say it's doing decent, they ask, so why a job now?
Some ask, but why did you venture on your own?

Such questions. I pity these folks who have very little to ask but these questions. Especially the 'why' question. Thinking for a couple of seconds can give them all these answers. But wtf, they've been trained to ask 'why'.

But then questions are not meant for evaluating the literal answers. Some questions are oblique ones. In the sense that 'Why Mississippi Earrings?' might be asked to evaluate my vocabulary or the quality of my voice or my body language.

Anyhow, si…


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