Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Architecture of marketing

Since Mississippi is located in a shopping-center like building and yet has to do a hell lot to get walk-ins, makes me think about the relationship between architecture and marketing.

As you see in the map above, that's where the shop is. Doesn't face the main road closest to the shop. In that, it flouts one of the important principles 'retail is location' (exclude internet retail from this discussion).

We are trying to mitigate the 'lack of impactful location' through advertising and calling and putting up glow-sign which faces the road and so on. I reckon though, nothing beats a great location.

Location's got 2 aspects: the complex of which the shop is a part, and the placement of the shop itself. Was referring to the second point above. Now, a little bit about the first point.

The complex is neat. But that's the impression you'll truly form only once you enter it. From the outside, it is like any other building. A lot of visitors/prospects simply have trouble locating the building coz of its non-descriptiveness.

Now imagine the building modeled by taking inspiration from Qutub Minar! Or may Eiffel Tower. Or perhaps Victoria Terminus. You get it. It would attract attention on its own. And this might rub off positively on the shop owners/tenants in the building.

Architects are busy making maximum use of the space and so are trying to build dry, cubical-conducive buildings. But buildings work and accrue value (apart from the automatic appreciation of value in real estate) coz of their attractiveness, uniqueness and character which are all a result of architecture.