Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Barefoot Running Shoes in India (Post # 4)

Shoe-mania that I have, especially for the ones meant for running and workout, I've been trying the barefoot types from various brands.

I received the FILA Skeletoes just a couple of days back. They look similar to Vibrams FiveFingers. And the quality is also good. Haven't gone running yet but they feel good and sturdy.

I use the red VivoBarefoot for running often and they don't disappoint. Very light and airy.

The Vibrams pair was the first in the series of barefoot shoes I've tried. My experience in these has been the best so far. Vivo has softer soles than the Vibrams. When on the ground, I like the slightly harder soles better. For general purposes softer soles are fine but while running, Vibrams feel better.

In each of the above-tried shoes I have one and the same problem. Since I sweat rather profusely, obviously the shoes start emitting an unpleasant smell. So I have to wash them rather frequently. Let's say after every second run.

So, in my search for the perfect (where I feel closest to the ground, in which the soles feel fairly sturdy and in which I can wear socks) barefoot shoes, I came across Merrell. Since this is the normal age-old shoe shape, wearing socks is easy. I found out that Merrell shoes use the same tough Vibrams barefoot soles. But the disappointing part is, like Vibrams FiveFingers and Fila Skeletoes, Merrell Gloves (yes, they call these shoes Gloves) are not available in India!
So I reckon when I get a chance, I'll get these. Most likely, my search for the perfect barefoot running shoes might be answered for some time at least.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BHK - Residential Architecture thinking

Check the letters highlight by the red circle above. Says 3BHK. B stands for bedroom, H for Hall, K for kitchen. That's what typical residential projects highlight.

How much space does an individual typically get in this country? Parks and tracks are very limited to say the least. Either hopelessly maintained or crowded to the brim.

And the specific space which is always available to a common man, is called bedroom. That's right. That word has 'bed' embedded. And since it's a bedroom, the central element of the room is bed. So what is a person likely to do? Hit the bed and laze or sleep.

I reckon, instead of calling it bedroom, if it were called personal-room, it would be far better. The emphasis would move from 'bed' to the person and how he would use the available space.

Also perhaps, the space might not necessarily be filled with bed. It could just as well be free for this person to do whatever. Bed could be spread or unfolded when needed.

Having personal space could be the biggest factor in cultivating habits that lead to fit and healthy bodies.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Two Spoons and Your Favorite Dessert

So your favorite dessert is placed on the table right in front of your eyes.

And there are two spoons alongside to have your fill.

Of course, you'll not use both the spoons unless you are in a certain mood :). Which one will you pick?

Have a look at this conversation:

In the above when I say 'nothing of strategy', I don't actually mean 'nothing'. Every move is a strategy, good or bad. In the instance quoted above, I reckon it's a weak capture of strategy. It is possible that the strategy itself is weak.

For one moment, let me equate a tagline with a spoon. A spoon, among many different spoons, which my friend's customers would want to use to have their fill. What kind of spoon is this friend asking us for? And therefore, how effective his marketing communication efforts might turn out to be?

No small matters these.

Friday, August 10, 2012

When things start losing meaning

There must be a guy who first started using the word 'marketing'. Now folks from my parents' generation talk about any brand initiative that disgusts them as 'marketing'.

There must be someone who defined the term 'networking' and showed its importance. Now everywhere people are out to 'network'. And very often, rather uncomfortably.

There must be someone who first used the words 'fine jewelry'. Now most jewelry brands, whatever the hell their offerings, say 'fine'.

What do you do when big and important concepts start losing meaning? Why did these concepts become meaningful in the first place?