Thursday, June 6, 2013

Architecture of Confusion

There's this strange being which creeps into some deep recesses of our skulls. Apparently, it is observed to make its way out through the precise hole through which human beings take in their sources of energy and survival. 

But before making its way out, it has to make its way in. So it uses two orifices on the sides of the human face and two glassy balls which see and reflect this being.

This being has enchanted so many intellectuals and fools alike. And supposedly is responsible for development of civilization too. In democracy it's considered to be the biggest part of freedom of speech.

It feels like it has truly found its home in the human skull. But on other days, it feels like human beings have truly found their homes in this being.

Yesterday morning, until I came back from the garden, I felt like life's really good. I light up my mobile phone and this being flips my feeling so thoroughly to make me feel like life's pretty ridiculous too.

But then the forms that this being manifests in is staggering. And through those forms, it makes the human beings feel like they've created amazing structures. But perhaps if a way were to be found out to reach into those deep recesses where this being resides, we might find it to be laughing out playfully watching us use its structures all over the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the one and only one, Mr. Worrrrrrrrrdemon!