Sunday, December 30, 2012

Spiral bound books

As I am reading books which are more like work-books (or books that require you to work - do things - with the content therein), I feel they need to be spiral bound instead of glue-bound paperbacks. Yes, they need to stay open without my effort to keep them open. So that while my eyes could be absorbing the content, I could be working on the recommended techniques.

There is an obvious trouble with spiral bound books. The spine cannot flaunt the name and so they can't stand on shelves with the spine facing the onlooker. But then books that prompt or are action-oriented anyway should be given greater importance than books simply meant to entertain or to improve your headiness. No?

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Witnessing tragedy of the commons, literally

There's some open space outside our factory compound, and likewise, every factory in our industrial area has. This space is of course meant for easy movement and manoeuvring of heavy vehicles which frequently visit these factories.

Don't know who started it but now some factories are seen stocking their material (natural stone) outside their compounds. Means, in the space that is common to all.

The other day we found that another guy has installed some shanties for workers in the common space. The guy is insistent that he would continue to use that space until others stop doing the same.

And the movement of heavy vehicles into and out of our compound has become slightly inconvenient for the last few months.

Friday, December 7, 2012

One way to attempt prediction

is to add spice to the classic and hope it's enough to compel the prospect to see it in a completely different light.