Sunday, September 19, 2010


The noise in Mumbai killed me. Everywhere. On the roads, in the malls, in the shops, sometimes at office, sometimes simply the buzz in my mind. As happening a place as Mumbai is, most stimuli were noise to me.

Here, in Bhilwara, it's silence in general. Sometimes eerie. The surroundings are sparse enough. There are echoes but not so much noise. Most often comforting.

It seems though, the noise hasn't reduced; for the buzz in the mind has increased. Sometimes, mind-numbing. The chaotic fashion in which people function. They are so much at home in all the chaos. They are so comfortable with distractions. Their comfort rattles me. After all it's a hospital. A place which needs utmost sincerity and earnestness.

Amidst all the chaos, it would be fine if they handled all well. But they aren't focused on handling. They are focussed on following. Instructions, commands and orders. Follow. "You pay me. You can order. I'll follow. When you aren't around, I might not to know what exactly to do. But that's okay. When you come back, give orders. I'll follow."

It's Sunday evening. I'm assessing the 19 days I've been here. The mind's buzzing a little less. I can feel the real silence. Work's happening, albeit gradually. Chaos will shape into fluidity. I'm creating tunnels for the water to flow through.