Thursday, September 23, 2010

You don't get your score before the exam

I hear a lot of people (including myself on occasions) crib about salaries. At this hospital as well, where I've taken charge. We should be paid better. We don't get what we deserve. Our salaries should be based on the work we do.

Two questions. What is WORK? What is SALARY?

Third question: what inspires what?

I asked the folks here, "Do you think that the hospital is running smoothly?" They said, "No." So I asked again, "Have you given even one solution which could help run the hospital smoothly?" They looked at me with blank puzzled eyes.

Then, why the clamor for increase in salaries? Did you ever get your score before the exam? Salaries are just a score. A score you achieve for seeking out problems and solving them, every single day of your work.

WORK inspires SALARIES and not the other way round.