Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Visible Filth, cleaning it all up across the country, every street must be beautiful

Earlier Mumbai, now Bhilwara. A'bad is fairly clean compared to these two towns. But guess A'bad (and few other cities as well) is an exception in this country.

Visible filth depresses me.

When I travel by train, most often I alight with rather discomforting feelings. The sights around are saddening.

I want to do something to remove the VISIBLE FILTH. I have some ideas but I wanna know from everyone, who reads this, what should/can be done. There are some agencies who are already working towards this. There are government agencies whose regular work involves removing VISIBLE FILTH. But I don't think either group has been massively effective. By 'massively' I mean at a nation-wide level. Forget nation-wide, don't think any agency has been effective even at a local street level. So I want to do something.

Any suggestions?

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