Sunday, October 10, 2010

Youth of Rajasthan & 'Government' Mindset

The hospital has been facing a shortage of nursing staff. Reason? Employees, old and new, left their jobs for a couple of months to prepare for State/Central Government exams.

In fact, even some team members, who've done their 'MBAs' and are involved in the management of the hospital, try getting into government jobs.

I tried finding out what is it that makes these people consider government jobs:
  • Security of job, of course
  • Fixed timings. That implies not working at odd hours.
  • Most of the times, no work at all and still receiving high salary
  • Transferrable jobs
  • Parents' pressure
  • Regular salary hike irrespective of whether there's work or not
And I am talking about very young seemingly bright youngsters in their early or mid-20s. Talk about the progress of this nation. It's growing at 8-9% nonetheless!