Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thaali mein chhed

As I wrote earlier, everyone who forms a part of the chain between the patient and the doctor is a potential middleman out here. While talking to Iqbal, our Relationship Manager, I mentioned this point.

I said, "even our marketing guys can serve as middlemen for other doctors or hospitals."

Iqbal has been associated with the hospital for quite long now. He left the hospital over a war of words 3 years back but has joined us again. He is great at conversation. And so often talks in metaphors.

He replied, "Sir, mere principle mein hai ki jiss thaali mein khaate hain, uss thaali mein chhed nahi karte. Kyonki, aise toh hamein hi khaane ko nahi milega."

I responded, "Aaj kal log jiss thaali mein chhed karte hain uske niche ek aur thaali rakhte hain..." ;)

Iqbal was watching me smiling and wide-eyed.

The point isn't that I am great at dialogues :D. The point is places like these require different ways of management. One needs wits to win conversations, and therefore, probably hearts, and therefore, respect of one's own people.