Thursday, December 23, 2010

Decision is a burden

I asked the little team out here to coordinate among themselves and arrange a meeting and find solutions to each other's problems in a group.

It was 6th of Dec when I asked them to do so. In between I was on leave. For the last 3 days again I've asked them to do the same. So far they have failed to coordinate among themselves and meet, forget about finding solutions to problems.

It tells me one thing for sure. And I can say from the way I've been in my own life as well. Somehow, taking decisions puts responsibilities on the decision-maker. And if you don't enjoy the decisions you make, then they are a burden.

This place is devoid of people who like what they are doing and the consequence is that this place is devoid of responsibility-takers. And only those who are willing to take responsibilities can become decision-makers; good ones or bad is always a matter of debate.