Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Low cost living

Now that I'm planning to venture out on my own (and hopefully, the store I'm planning, will get ready in 2 and a half months), I realize I've to cut down on superfluous spending. Not that I feel that way most of the time when I spend. But yes, guess I've come to a point where I really have to prioritize and work in the most disciplined manner possible.

Another realization is the fact that the more space you get the more conscious choices you have to make. And there's nobody to blame or hold responsible for your decisions. Freedom in that sense always always comes with enormous responsibility towards your own self.

I'm trying to look for avenues where my physical presence isn't necessarily needed for 9-10 hours in a day. My physical presence might be required only when there is work of that sort.

The last two days have been rather disconcerting. Not having a lot to work on (as in 'the work given by or coming from someone else') is pretty scary. And I observe myself getting panicky coz of the space I've created for myself. I have to make choices. The decisions. Coz they will determine how monies flow :).

Crucial point in the journey. Will keep you posted.

And ya, now (at least for some foreseeable future) the base is A'bad.