Sunday, January 30, 2011

What works?

The table below shows all-time top posts on this blog:

And this table below shows top posts in the last one week on this blog :):

If the visuals are slightly less clear, the two posts are titled:
  1. Afghani Nuskha & Japani Tel (click here to check out the post)
  2. 2011 Tata Safari Dicor Beer-holder Edition (click here to check this post)
Okay, now a few questions and inferences:

Have I written nothing better or shared nothing more important? If 'traffic' is one measure...

Of course, my popularity as a writer is as good as anybody's guess ;)

Guess, I am ridiculously away from what's 'important' for the world.

Guess, the manner of presenting these two posts is better than all other things/thoughts I've presented. :)

Perhaps, 'funny' things are more important than important things.

Perhaps, fun is more important than even the 'important'.

Perhaps, important things in the guise of 'humor' work better than in the guise of 'important'.

Perhaps, 'possessing' is 'fun'.

More inferences? :)