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Machine gun and the perished berries

I've observed myself and many others over the years getting amused by the 'happy ending' at the end of the movies. More so, when the narrative is typical and the end is so very easily anticipated.

So a slew of questions:
  • Why do only the hero-heroine stay alive at the end and all others get crushed? What about lives and stories of those who got crushed only to leave the hero-heroine standing tall?
  • Why do off-beat movies don't sort of work with the masses so often?
  • Why do the ridiculously and inanely comical movies work wonders?

One aspect is probability. If we simply look at the number of people who die trying, they are countless. Of course, how many big successes you see around you? Very few. So it is always a wonder that where countless died, what is it that these folks did that they survived.

I mean think about it like this. There is a little roadside thela of berries. Let's say there are 1 lac berries on this thela. And a man with a machine gun loaded with 1000 bullets suddenly opens fire at this thela :). What will happen? Most berries perish! Few will stay intact though. Those few are our hero and heroine :D.

Stories can only be seen retrospectively from the point of view of survivors. Only the survivors have a tale worth telling. Why? Simply coz they survived. Sometimes survivors tell a tale of what they witnessed, what influenced them. Still it's the survivor's tale. He chooses to narrate whatever he wants to coz he's alive :). Be a survivor, or influence a survivor. I assume though, it might not be so wonderful simply influencing and be an 'amazingly perished berry'. :)

Off-beat movies are so often driven by the common-place. Common-place dies. In the commonest ways. It's a story about perished berries. Why will they work! Sure there's something extra-ordinary even in the common-place. There is an extra-ordinary story of such perishing like berries. There is such a detailing of perishing in these movies.

Lastly, the ridiculously and inanely comical movies simply evade the question of survival and perished berries. In that, everything is fun. These movies have to work. They work.

Hail the comical! Jim Carrey! Rajendranath! Johny Lever! Govinda! Ajay Devgan! And all attemptors of the comic.

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