Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Schools do bull-shit! And how...

The metaphor is one of a robot. What do robots do? Obey. Follow instructions.

What do the robotic arms hold? Violin! And brushes and palette! Creative robots! Find me a bigger irony, please!

How many arms? In total, 8! And 6, robotic! Yes of course, what are the kids supposed to do... Everything under the sun practically! Call it 'Balanced Schooling'. How about 'Donkeying'? I respect the donkeys though. They just do one thing, even if it is carrying a lot of load. So let me call this 'Variety-loaded Donkeying'!  :)

Aamir, please! Taare Zameen Par! 3 Idiots............

*I just don't wanna debase donkeys. I respect life. I respect all that donkeys do in the service of humans.