Sunday, March 20, 2011

Standing while working

I've ended that experiment for now. My shoulders started paining. I realized, something's still not sorted.

I think it's the position of my neck when I try to look at the laptop screen. That doesn't seem right. I can sense that if my neck doesn't have to bend at all and the screen is right in front, my 'standing while working' experiment might bear fruit.

I tried searching for a computer system with a laptop-like keyboard but couldn't find one. I searched for a laptop with detachable screen and found that Lenovo has just launched one. But the thing is that the screen becomes a tablet once detached; I presume then that the keyboard gets inactive. What I simply want is a laptop like key-board with a screen that can be placed/hung on the wall to keep my neck straight while 'working while standing'. :)

Just before the search, I thought it could be an opportunity to launch such a product - keyboard of a laptop with a detached screen. Like always I was presumptuous at the start. I realized that such products have been talked about ever since 2005. I also found that there are some technical issues; such an arrangement adversely affects the power output and the size might get bigger!

Anyway, am waiting for this product to resume my experiment ;).