Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Consulting, Superstore & Zoo

It's such a paradox. Consultants are brought in to offer custom solutions. Expertise tailored to the needs of a client. However, what I see is that clients aren't happy simply getting tailor-made stuff. Na! Give them options. Once they see the options, remark, "This doesn't 'look' good." You sit with a look asking, "Why?" The answer is, "Hmmmmmmm... It doesn't."

I call this 'the superstore effect'. Just stack the racks with truckloads of stuff. Let the buyer walk in and pick. And mind you, conversations could be labelled unnecessary. Just let them see and decide.

The thing is consultants offer 'thought' products. Forget about producing options, even one thought product isn't easy to create. Here you have to create shelves and shelves of options! For all these options, the response could just be a browsing walk in the aisle!

And when it comes to offering 'options' of thought products, some times it's akin to a zoo. Clients just walk in for a stroll with the kids, observe these creatures, poke fun and go back. Memories of the creatures, their weirdities and some pictures...