Thursday, April 7, 2011

The non-responsive is dead

In a situation of 'explicit' communication, I observe (many a time, my own self) these phenomena among people. I am talking specifically from the point of view of the person who 'initiates' the communication. 'Initiate' could mean that one has prompted the other person for a response. So, let's say that the initiator invites the other person for something. Now, given the initiator's propensity to stay reasonably patient, he sees it like this; mind you this isn't exhaustive:
  • The other person responds
    • 'yes' (exhilaration for the initiator)
    • 'no' (disappointment for the initiator)
    • indecisive
  • The other person doesn't respond 
    • coz he/she doesn't care for the person
    • coz he/she is indifferent to the matter
    • coz he/she just forgets
    • coz he/she is still thinking
    • coz he/she wants to 'play'
      • wants to show 'importance'
      • wants to elicit better deal
      • wants whatever
    • coz whatever
You see non-responsiveness is such a challenge for the initiator. And it seems that non-responding is such a great strategy for the other person to inflict any kind of torture on the initiator.

My thought: consider the non-responsive person as dead and make alternative arrangements. It's sort of tragic but that 'assumption of the dead' is as great an answer as the one received from anyone who responds.

What happens when the dead suddenly wakes up? Rejoice. Or think and decide at that moment. You also have a choice - to respond or not to!