Friday, May 20, 2011

Compulsive Expressive Disorder

I think being social is natural. So 'social media'. But like it happens with eating, it also happens with socializing. We over-do. Call that Compulsive Expressive Disorder.

There are occasions when I get into such a frame of mind that I start thinking about sharing or blogging before I actually do something 'worthy' of that. And times, when sitting with my laptop, I feel anxious what to write next, what to share next, what is the next update... And sometimes I actually do that. Thankfully I identify such moments soon enough. And also thankfully such occasions have been fairly limited so far; or at least I feel so :).

Twittering is the greatest manifestation of CED so far.

It is a disorder because at the back of the head you really do know that your desire to express isn't backed by much. You know that you don't have much to say but still say. You don't have much to share but still share. Expressing/sharing becomes important simply for the sake of doing so. 'What' is getting expressed/shared is immaterial.

And like many disorders CED also has a sunny side. Acting. It seems to me that 'acting' is very likely an outcome of persistent CED. In fact, one can say that if an actor doesn't suffer from CED, the likelihood of his/her success diminishes. Would you agree that Shahrukh suffers from that? Salman definitely does. Jim Carey? You bet. Johny Lever? Dilip Kumar? Bachhan? Meena Kumari?

Are you suffering from CED and never knew about it? So can you sense the symptoms? How is it influencing you?